14 Free (or almost free) Sweet Things to do For Your Valentine

Valentines Day is coming up and I think in when it comes to gift giving and showing someone how much they mean to you it ends up being the little things that have the most impact. You don’t have to spend money to express your love. Whether it’s your husband or wife, friend, family member or room-mate. These 14 sweet things are nice to do for someone you care about. Why not try one thing every day leading up to Valentines Day?

1) Wake up super early on a week day and make them their favorite breakfast. Bonus points if you are not a morning person. Double bonus points if you make them bacon.

2) Take a dry erase marker (or lipstick) and write a special message on the bathroom mirror. How about “You are a badass. Have an awesome day and continue to kick ass like you always do”

3) Compliment them on their appearance. It’s easy to forget to tell the ones we love that we still find them attractive. Men need to hear it too. As they are getting ready to leave the house tell them “Wow, you look great today! That shirt/haircut/outfit/ looks great on you”

4) Do a chore you hate that they are constantly nagging you about. Hate emptying the dishwasher? Do it without complaint. Not a fan of making the bed? Get those sheets tucked in.  Would rather rip your hair out and eat it like spaghetti that mow the lawn? Get your booty to the shed and get that motor running. I promise you it will not go unnoticed.

5) Wash their car. If you are lazy go ahead and take it for a ride through the car wash. Those things are super fun anyways aren’t they? Bonus points if you vacuum out the dog hair on the inside. If you really want to show off, fill up their gas tank while you are at it.

6) Pick your sweetie some flowers. Don’t pick them from your neighbors yard obviously but if there is a random pretty flower growing out of a crack in the sidewalk pick it. “I saw this pretty flower. I though you would like it” Are flowers to girly for your man? You could bring home a cactus or small house plant.

7) Foot massage. But you hate feet and think they are stinky and gross? Take a basin and fill it with warm water and soap. Drop in some tea tree oil and epsom salts. Have them soak their feet first then used scented lotion or oil. The ick factor will go way down and I promise they will love it.

8) Let them choose the movie. Or T.V. show, or video game. Let them have their pick and then sit there and watch it with them without complaint. Who knows, maybe you will actually enjoy it? If they end up making you watch some sort of reality television I am sorry in advance.

9) Bring them coffee and treats at work. If you know what time they are taking their break show up with their favorite drink and a cookie. Bonus points if you bake the cookies yourself.

10) Get interested in their hobbies. Is their a sport, hobby or something that your loved one is obsessed with but you couldn’t care less about? Take a interest in it and join in with them. Who knows you might end up liking it or at least they will really feel like you care.

11) Take a picture of just the two of you and have it printed. Have it nicely framed and then hang it in an obvious spot. Don’t say anything and wait for them to notice.

12) Write a Facebook status saying something sweet about them. It’s always nice to hear that someone loves and appreciates us. It’s even nicer when they tell the world.

13) If you have kids, have them make a handmade Valentine for your partner. If you don’t have kids make one “from your dog or cat” No pets? Just make one yourself. Handmade cards are always cherished.

14) After they arrive home from a hard day have a cold beer ready and a warm dinner waiting. If they like bubble baths have it ready for them. A hug and a kiss and an “I love you” is the icing on the cake.

What free things can you think of to do for your Valentine? 

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