Our Trip to the Carolinas

We snuck some photos in the media room at the Speedway

At the end of January we had the exciting opportunity to travel to North Carolina when I participated in Go Daddy’s Big Leap Contest. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you are probably sick and tired of me talking about the contest but if you haven’t checked out the video of me pitching my business to Danica Patrick at 125 MPH and voted for me you should go do that now! 

Winners Circle at the Speedway

Anyways, we traveled to Charlotte North Carolina for the contest. Neither Rob or I had been there before so we were really excited to visit the South. We ended up spending the entire weekend in Concord N.C. because it was close to the Charlotte Motor Speedway where we filming the contest.  We arrived on Saturday and were scheduled to head home on Tuesday morning. When we arrived at the airport on Tuesday we were informed that our flight was cancelled do to the terrible weather on the East coast. We were supposed to be flying from Charlotte to New Jersey and then to Seattle but Winter Storm Janus was in full effect so were were stranded in Charlotte for an extra night until we could hop on a flight to Houston and then land in Seattle. We decided to see this as a positive and a chance to explore Charlotte a little bit for the next 24 hours.

We rented a car and booked a hotel in Charlotte and headed into the city. Everyone told us that Charlotte is beautiful and it is. It’s a very nice clean city and reminded me a little bit of Gastown in Vancouver or the more historic parts of Seattle. It was smaller than I expected and there are a lot of banks there. If Seattle is Microsoft and Starbucks then Charlotte is Nascar and banks. Haha. We decided that since Charlotte is so close to the South Carolina state border we would drive into South Carolina a little bit and see what was there.

I wish it had been summertime when we visited because I am sure South Carolina beautiful as well. I would have loved to see the trees and flowers in bloom. We randomly drove around and let me just say this about South Carolina: The air smells like BBQ! Oh my goodness. If I lived there I would gain a ton of weight that is for sure. From what I noticed in the areas we traveled to all the restaurants were chicken and waffles, Texas style steak houses or other barbeque restaurants. It was all Bojangles Chicken n’ Waffles, Chick Fil-A and a bunch of of fast food places like that. We don’t really have any of those places up North. Normally, I don’t like any of these types of foods so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find anything to eat. We ended up going to Hooters in Charlotte that night for dinner. We don’t have any Hooters restaurants near us in Washington as far as I know so as far as we were concerned it was just part of the Southern experience. Plus they had club sandwiches on the menu so it was something I could actually eat.

On our drive around S.C. we found a historic Plantation House and farm tourist site. We were able to check out the historic plantation houses on the property as well as the original slave cabins and the cotton gin. It was really interesting and I am glad we were able to check it out.

On Wednesday morning we got up at 3am and headed to the airport. We had our stop over in Houston and then finally we were back home in Seattle by 1pm. Unfortunately I had to work that night at 5pm so that was pretty brutal. All in all it was a great trip and I really hope I get a chance to visit the South again. The people were so friendly. It really lived up to it’s reputation!

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