Buy Nothing Month

If you don’t have a picture that fits your blog post subject matter. A photo of your pet pig is always acceptable

I will be the first to admit it, I tend to waste a lot of money on things I don’t need. My husband and I are pretty stable financially and we don’t live paycheck to paycheck so if I am out and about and I see something that I want in a store or online I will usually buy it without too much thought or worry. Don’t get me wrong- we can be extremely frugal. Most of the dinners that I bring with me to work lately are frozen Weight Watchers meals from Dollar Tree! So while we are cheap and buy many things used or on sale I don’t feel too much guilt about the occasional indulgence.

I recently read a few articles online about people who practice “Buy Nothing” days. It’s about as simple as it sounds. Aside from basic needs like food and your bills you don’t purchase anyhing! One couple I read about even did a “Buy Nothing” Year. I have decided I would like to try a “Buy Nothing” Month. I am trying to pay off the car I bought last January as quickly as possible. I have a 5 year loan but my goal was to have half of my loan paid by this September. I am almost there but have fallen a little behind. I am wondering, how much money can I save if I don’t waste money on little things like coffee on the way to work? Or drive through meals when I am too lazy to cook? I love shopping at thrift stores and tend to pick up random knick-knacks that I don’t need and I definitely have an addiction to shopping for just about everything on Amazon with my Prime membership.

The month of September will be my Buy Nothing month. Here is a list of things I am allowed to purchase

  • food from the grocery store- no coffee or quick dinners from the drive thru
  • gas
  • all bills will be paid of course. This includes my gym membership and cell phone bills both of  which I am on a contract.

Here is where things get tricky. I like going out for dinner with my husband occasionally  and we have been trying to make an effort to go on more date nights so I’m not sure how this will fit in with Buy Nothing Month. Is is cheating if he pays since this is something I am doing this alone?

Also, I have been trying to take more time for myself to relax and wanted to get a massage or my nails done in the next month. I am not sure how this will fit in. I really wanted to get in some self pampering!

I think the trickiest part may be trying not to spend money on things for my home. We just did a lot of work on the garden and painted the porch. I wanted to maybe plant more flowers and plants and keep the progress going.

I guess I am going to have to think creatively about these things. What can I get for free off Craigslist? What fun activites can we do without buying anything?

I will keep tally of how much money I saved and let know you how it ended up working out for me. Do I have the willpower to say no to all those little purchases? Will I have to hide my debit card?

If you have any tips for me please share in the comments!

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