Getting Goals Accomplished! Happy St. Patricks Day!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Hope you get to have a little fun today whether you are Irish or not!

This past weekend I ran my first 5km race. I ran the Running O’ The Green St Patrick’s Day race in Bellingham with my friend Heather. I had been training for this race since January. It was actually one of my New Years Resolutions. I finished the run in 35 minutes and ran the whole thing non-stop! For anyone out there who has known me since I was young, you will recognize this is a huge accomplishment for me. I was a very lazy teenager and running has never come easily for me. I absolutely hate cardio of any kind. I think that running on the treadmill at the gym is pure torture.

When I started my training I could barely run for a few minutes without having to stop and walk. I downloaded an app to my phone called the Couch 2-5K app and it really helped me with my training.  Basically the app has you running for a few minute intervals and then walking in between. You start off running for a minute and then walking for two minutes. As the the weeks progress you run more and walk less building up to 30 minutes of straight running. The whole program is 9 weeks and the app only cost $2. Definitely worth it in my opinion for anyone who would like to get started with running.

I have signed up for a few more 5km races this year. My husband and I are doing the Wipeout Run in July and in August the Color Run is coming to Bellingham. I might try to get one 5km race in each month until this fall to help me keep up with my training. Then who knows… Maybe a 10Km?

To celebrate St. Patrick’s my husband cooked us up some corned beef and cabbage on Saturday and I think I will enjoy a little green juice today. No green beer for me!

I am offering up a free shipping coupon for my Crafty Little Gnome Jewelry shop. Free shipping on everything today only with code LUCKYDAY at checkout.

adrienne4leafI found this 4 leaf clover a couple weeks ago. Hope you all have a lucky day!

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