A Christmas Prank and Spring Blooms


I don’t like April Fools Day. I really dislike pranks and I don’t like it when people pull pranks on me. I do have a good sense of humor but needless to say I will be spending the day hiding in my house until it’s time to go to work this afternoon. I’m hoping no one I work with decides to try any funny business tonight.

One of my co-workers played a pretty good prank on me last Christmas. I don’t like to discuss my day job on this blog too much. Mostly because I don’t want to get fired but I will share this story since it is fitting for April Fools Day.  The company I work for is one of the world’s largest courier companies. Christmas is an absolute nightmare. By the time Christmas Eve rolls around we are all so exhausted the whole holiday season is pretty much ruined. Let me set the scene for you. It’s 10pm on Christmas Eve. I am getting my things together and about to leave for the night so I can enjoy a nice holiday drink at home with my hubby. I stand up at my desk and grab my purse when the phone rings. I pause for a moment wondering if I should answer it or pretend I don’t hear it ringing and run out the door but instead I pick up the receiver.

“Hello, this is Adrienne speaking. How may I help you”

“Hi, I didn’t get my package today. I need my package it’s Christmas Eve. The presents didn’t get delivered”  A frantic voice responds on the other end of the line.

I’m panicking. I debate hanging up the phone and running out the door but I don’t because it’s Christmas and I’m a decent human being. Instead I ask for more information.

“Uh..OK. I need the tracking number please. ”

” I don’t have it. I need my packages. Why didn’t they get delivered. Please, bring them to me”

“We don’t have any delivery drivers out anymore. It’s Christmas. I need a tracking number”

At this point I want to cry. It’s 10pm on Christmas Eve and I just want to go home.

My co-workers at the next desk start calling my name and I look over to see them holding a cell phone and laughing their butts off and I realize they have just prank called me.

Oh so cruel. They got me good. I vowed revenge but the funny thing is neither one of them work there anymore.

Anyways, since we are kicking off April and Spring is in the air I thought I would spend a little time in the garden today. I got rained on a little but April showers bring May flowers!

Hope you all have a prank free day!


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