Spring Reading: The New Bohemians Cool & Collected Homes by Justina Blakeney


You may have noticed a trend with the book reviews I write on this blog. I pretty much only read non-fiction. I have tried and tried to get into fictional books but my attention span is too short and my mind  wanders to the point where I realize I am flipping pages but I’m not actually reading anything. Anyone else have this problem too? With non-fiction books I can learn all sorts of things, I can read it out-of-order, flip to the interesting parts and nothing gets ruined.  Normally I read on my kindle and have been purposely not buying physical books in an effort to cut back on clutter. With The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney purchasing physical copy was essential. You need to see the beautiful photos because well, The New Bohemians is a decorating book. But it’s more that just a decorating book, it showcases 20 beautiful bohemian homes from across the country and the unique people who live in them.

The book is sorted into six categories:

Modern Bohemian

Earthy Bohemian

Folksy Bohemian

Nomadic Bohemian

Romantic Bohemian

Maximal Bohemian

In each of these categories we meet families and visit their inspiring homes. These people are creative types. Many of them own their own businesses and work from home. They live life by their own rules and the space they live in is a reflection of that. The great thing about the homes featured in the book is that they actually look lived in (not just staged for a photo shoot) and many of the homes are rentals!

The main message of the book is that you don’t need a lot of money to have a beautiful home, use your creativity, have fun and let your home be an extension of your personality.

The book includes some fun DIY projects inspired by the homes and includes a handy “plantopedia” section at the end to learn how to care for all sorts of house plants.

The styles I resonated most with would have the be the Modern Bohemian and the Earthy Bohemian. You can never have too many house plants!  Macrame on the other hand, I can certainly live without!!!  I think it’s fair to say I am pretty fearless with my decorating choices. I have murals on many of my walls and my kitchen is lime green at the moment. The New Bohemians has inspired me to continue to use vintage and thrifted furniture when possible and add in some funky textiles and a lot more house plants. I may not have the means to travel to the far corners of our planet at the moment but I can bring a taste of  them to me through my home decor! The New Bohemians is a gorgeous book with tons of inspiring eye candy. If you want more delicious bohemian style inspiration visit Justina at her blog thejunglow.com

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