Laundry Soap Recipe


I posted a recipe for liquid laundry soap a couple of years ago and while the soap that I made did work well, we eventually ended up buying store-bought soap again. I am using a new homemade laundry soap based on a few recipes I found online.


1 55oz box of washing soda

1 76oz box of borax

1 16oz box of baking soda

1 bar of soap ( I used Dr. Bonner’s bar soap in citrus scent)

Grate the soap using a cheese grater or food processor and then add the contents of the soap, soda boxes and borax into a larger bin. Add them slowly stirring as you go so they mix evenly.

Use one ounce of the powdered laundry soap per load. This should last you over 100 loads of laundry.

While this new powdered soap is natural and contains no harsh chemicals I’m not convinced it’s the most economical. It really depends on where you buy the ingredients. Shop around and try to find the best price.

Regardless of the price I do find it fun to make my own cleaners and detergents like this one. It makes doing the laundry a tad bit more enjoyable.

I definitely prefer this powdered recipe to the liquid one I tried in the past. It’s easier and less messy.

Do you make your own natural laundry soap? Share your recipes in the comments.

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