Aquarium Makeover


We recently moved our 55 gallon aquarium from the spare bedroom into the living room so we can actually enjoy it instead of having it sit in an empty room. We got the aquarium stand for free from friends and the glass tank for free from Craigslist. The problem is that the fake wood veneer on the stand is definitely not my style. I had some left over black chalkboard paint from another project so I went ahead and painted the stand. I gave it a quick clean and removed the door. Then I painted about three coats of the black chalkboard paint, letting it dry between coats. The stand is impossible to move so I had to be careful not to get paint everywhere. I updated it with a new handle.  Don’t you think it looks much better?


If you are planning to try this don’t forget to prime your piece of furniture first. Chalk paint does not need a primer but chalkboard paint does and if you don’t prime the tiniest little dings will leave scratch marks! (not that I would know from experience 🙂 )

The art above the aquarium are prints from Yellena. The used to hang in my kitchen but I moved them into the living room.

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