August Gardening


I finished up summer quarter at college on Monday. Now I can get back to some of my projects around the house. I am trying to get as much gardening done as I can while it is still nice out. I have added lots of plants to the front yard and managed to keep everything alive through this heatwave/drought we have been suffering through in the Pacific Northwest.

auggarden8This garden bed is in front of the house under the windows. The front yard is still going strong from the big overhaul we did last year. All our grass is dead because we don’t waste water watering the grass. Everything else is growing and filling in nicely.

auggarden9I added this garden bed in the front yard along the picket fence. There are roses, Brown Eyed Susans.  Blueberries, Purple Cone Flower, some grasses and a few other flowering perennials.


auggarden4Here we have the shade garden in the front yard. It is to the left of the walkway up to the house.  I planted rhodos, boxwood, hostas, ferns and coleus.

auggarden7In the backyard I added a small veggie garden next to the back porch. It will look better next year when I add more veggies earlier in the season.

auggarden2One of about a million cherry tomatoes!

auggardenA sunflower about to bloom. I had no idea how easy they were to grow. I plan on growing a ton of them next year.

For the next month or so I will be plugging away at the rest of the backyard. I will have some pictures to show you soon!

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