Attack of the Hornets


I have been working on my backyard landscaping for some time now. Slowly (and I mean really,really, slowly) things are coming together. I have been trying to save money on plants so I have been purchasing what I can from the clearance section at Home Depot and Lowes. When I was working on the front yard garden I dug up some ferns that were growing naturally on our property and moved them over to my yard. I decided to try to save more money by digging up more ferns for the backyard.

On Friday evening, since I had a scheduled day off from work I went out the woods behind my in-laws house with a shovel, some bags and my sidekick Luna the yellow lab. I found a section of ferns a little off the beaten path and started digging up a couple of the plants. I started working on a third when I noticed some buzzing. Then really loud buzzing. I looked down and saw a swirl of hornets near my feet. I had dug into a hornets nest! Then I felt the stinging begin… The hornets flew right up the back of my shorts and started stinging me all over my bum! I dropped my shovel and started running out of the woods like a bat out of hell. Luna had been far enough away to escape the wrath of the hornets. We ran down the path towards home and I could feel the hornets continuing to sting me repeatedly while I ran. I dropped my pants a little and tried to get the hornets out of my shorts but it didn’t work. I have never run so fast in my entire life. I ran into the house, ripped off my clothes screaming and got in the shower. My husband came over to see what my fuss was about. “Bees!” I screamed. There were several hornets still alive in my clothing and were flying all over the bathroom. Rob swatted them to death and then got me some water and Benadryl.

I layed on my side on the couch for the rest of the night, an ice pack strapped to each butt cheek with an Ace bandage. So. Much. Pain. Thank goodness I am not allergic. Upon further inspection of my booty I realized that I had been stung nearly 20 times all over my bum and a couple on my shoulder. Not fun. Not even a little bit. On Saturday morning we were supposed to take part in the Bubble Run in Everett, about an hour drive away. So we woke up at the ass-crack of dawn (pun intended) and ran 5Km through a soapy foamy bubble pit in Everett. My butt was on fire and feeling terrible the entire time (I’m talking about chaffing, y’all) but I did it. And so I have learned my lesson, I will be buying the rest of my plants from the actual nursery. Now excuse me while I go get some fresh ice packs for my butt.

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3 Responses to Attack of the Hornets


    You were really lucky it could have been so much worse (not tht that’s any consolation when you’re in pain). When my Dad was young he played rugby & once scored a try by diving for the line – straight through a hornet’s nest. He ended up in hospital for a week covered in stings.


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