A Love Letter to Electricity


After four days without power I am finally back online again. Electricity is one of those things you definitely take for granted until you suddenly are without. On Saturday we had a huge windstorm in the Pacific Northwest. Since we had such a dry summer all of the trees were brittle and still heavy with leaves that would normally fall off before our November windstorms. Well, the storm on Saturday was a doozy and so many trees fell (many on our property as well) that much of our corner of the state and British Columbia Canada had power outages. Our power went out on Saturday afternoon and wasn’t restored until Tuesday afternoon. When the power goes out it can be kind of fun and exciting… for a couple of hours. By day four you start to go a little crazy. Our water supply comes from a well which doesn’t work without electricity so we didn’t have access to water either. I have been spending plenty of time at the gym to kill time and also use their showers.

Now that we finally have the power back I am rejoicing…and catching up on laundry and dishes and taking hot showers. First world problems, yes I know.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods lately?

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