Thoughts on Fed Up

DSCN3471*Disclaimer. I don’t usually talk about politics on this blog but the movie Fed Up got me fired up about nutrition and the role the government plays in our health.  Here are my thoughts on the movie.

I don’t watch a lot of television anymore. My preferred method of wasting time for the past couple of years has definitely been surfing the internet. After my appendix surgery last summer I had been left with a lot of time to veg in front of the TV while I healed up.  A documentary called Fed Up was recently added to Netflix and I had been anxious to watch it for some time now. Fed Up is about the childhood obesity epidemic, our society’s addiction to sugar and how the food industry and government are playing a huge role in  contributing to the obesity problem in America. Warning! I am about to get very opinionated in this blog post so you have officially been warned!

Let me start by saying this. I was really shocked while watching this film about how little people in general know about nutrition. I was very lucky as a child. We always ate healthy nutritious  foods and had home cooked meals with lots of veggies. Sadly I think that my family was an anomaly. The more people I meet and talk about food with I feel like I am the only one in the world who likes to eat broccoli! It makes me really sad that people will eat processed crap and foods loaded with salt, sugar and preservatives. Every meal comes from a box or a can and they think this is normal or possibly healthy.

In Fed Up they talk about how sugar is poison to our bodies and how it is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. This doesn’t surprise me. Although I try to eat healthy for the most part I definitely have an addiction to sugar. If there are sweets in front of me I won’t stop eating them until they are gone! Sugar is not just in sweet food and candy. It is in virtually every processed food in the supermarket. If sugar is the main culprit in making us overweight and sick it’s no wonder it has become such a problem.

Here is my beef with the movie, or maybe it’s just our culture in general. In the film they are calling for strict government regulation on things like marketing junk foods to children, keeping it out of our public schools and basically making it illegal for the food industry to sell us junk food. I certainly wouldn’t complain if these kinds of regulations went into place since I don’t eat processed foods very often and I would love to see healthier options made more readily available. Here is the thing: Americans really hate being told what to do. They specifically hate being told by the government what to do. If the government starts telling people they can’t eat cheeseburgers I guarantee you people will be freaking out about how it is their right to eat a cheeseburger even if it is going to kill them and you know what? I think it is they are right too. But what about the children? (oh won’t somebody please think of the children?!! ) It makes me really sad though that there are kids who are being fed crap by their parents and in their schools and really don’t have a fair chance. They grow up addicted to sugar and junk food and don’t have the education about nutrition that they need. How can anyone be surprised that children are getting diabetes and having heart issues at such a young age when these kids don’t even know what real food is and have never tried a vegetable?

Bill Clinton is in this movie talking about nutrition and the importance of regulating the food industry but I can’t help but think if he was still in office that he would be part of the problem. In my opinion politicians  always have a hidden agenda and are completely full of crap. Being full of crap is in my opinion, is  a requirement to get to any high level of politics. If the government is the one that allowed the food industry to deceive the public by allowing them to market sugar laden, unhealthy foods as something that is just fine to eat then how can we expect them to be the ones to save us?

It’s time to take personal responsibility. It’s time to take charge of your family and set an example for your children. I didn’t eat greasy cafeteria food when I was in high school. You know why? Because my parents wouldn’t give me money for it. My options were to pack my own lunch from the foods we had in our house or I would go hungry. If my parents gave me lunch money I guarantee you I would have chosen the greasy fries and pizza every single time (hello I was a teenager!)

There are no quick fixes in life and no easy outs and no one will ever care about your personal health as much as you should. Turn off the TV, don’t be a sucker for product marketing. Use your brain! Think for yourself and do your own research. Go to the library, borrow some books for free about nutrition, talk to your doctor, eat real food the way nature intended. Seek help and education from any source you can but don’t wait around for help from the government because they obviously do not have your best interests at heart.

Okay, there you have it. My pretty strong opinion of Fed Up. Have you seen the movie? What do you think?

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