Dealing with Bugs and other Critters in your Home


I love home design, redesigns repairs and general DIY. But, if I come across a problem with the home that involves bugs, creepy crawlies or rodents, I’ll run for the hills. I’ll be on the phone to a professional faster than you can say fumigation. I know a lot of people that feel the same. That’s why I’ve been looking at different solutions, thoughts and facts about these common home problems. On this post, you’ll find information on the different issues you might face as well as solutions on how to handle them. But the first question I want you to ask is this:

Are You Causing The Issue?

As hard as it is to believe, bugs and animals don’t just appear in a home. They were either attracted to it, or they were already there when you moved in. Granted, as we approach the colder months, you will start to find more insects in your home trying to keep warm but an infestation is something different. This is often caused by lifestyle (or in my case recently a squirrel was trying to move into my walls). For instance, ants are often attracted to homes that have a lot of food particles on the floor or food left out around the kitchen. If you want to stop the problem you first have to change the way you’re living. After that, you can start spraying the bug spray around.

You may also want to look around your home and see if there are any cracks in the walls. You should consider plastering over these to discourage insects from creeping in between the gaps.

Similarly, other bugs are attracted to different environments. For instance, termites usually arrive due to damp walls, and this is caused by poor home insulation. These issues are easy to fix before the bugs arrive.

Can You Fix It Yourself?

You can get rid of some pests around the home without the help of experts. Bug spray is usually enough to get rid of ants, but if you have animals or rodents in your home, it’s best to call in the professionals. A common problem is finding that you have birds nesting in your attic. You don’t want to try to get rid of them yourself. Getting rid of roosting birds can be frustrating and potentially quite dangerous. A couple months ago we had a huge wasp infestation in our ceiling.  Luckily my husband was able to get rid of this himself with hornet spray.

Some bugs aren’t so easily dissuaded. If you don’t get all of them, they will keep coming back causing more havoc. Bed bugs are particularly nightmarish to vanquish from the home, and you may find yourself just wanting to move. But if you don’t want bugs in your room, in particular, there’s a simple solution. Don’t eat in there! Bed bugs are absolutely horrible to try to get rid of so do anything you can to avoid them in the first place.

Termites, on the other hand, are simpler to get rid of. While a tricky problem, there are a number of services that offer a solution. These range from tent solutions to fumigate the home to other less intrusive measures. A no-tent termite treatment is the best solution if you are looking to reduce cost and time.

Is It Solved?

As I said, don’t be surprised if the bugs come back after one treatment. You may find the issue is more extensive than you previously realized. The right company will handle the situation for you until the problem is resolved. After that, you won’t have to worry about those bugs and beasties anymore.

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